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Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Parish Church
(Bacuag, Surigao Del Norte – For St. Augustine Vicariate)

Bacuag’s parish dedicated to Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Parish Church was founded in 1939 and presently belongs to the St. Augustine Vicariate of the Diocese of Surigao. 


This charming church has an interesting, art deco-influenced facade that is dominated by an ovoid arch. The image of the Blessed Mother with the Child Jesus is perched above this arch, a stylized background depicting the heavens is painted behind her. This colorful painting features the Holy Spirit as a dove hovering above Our Lady’s head as well as cherubims with clouds beneath her feet.. Positioned midway down the arch is a portico that hangs over the church’s entryway. A tall, narrow belfry is built to the side of the church. 


Inside, the main altarpiece or retablo stands in an alcove right behind a large ovoid arch, a defining element that is carried over into the interior. Like the retablo, the two side altars that flank the arch are made of wood. Regular arched windows line the church’s side walls


Plans to renovate Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Church, including the replacement of its roof, are currently in the works. The whole community has thrown its support behind this endeavor, holding events such as the Bacuag municipal police force’s three-day garage sale early this 2022.